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Weekly Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 69

There is a lot going on in the world that could affect the value of financial markets – wars, tensions between major powers, a strong dollar, and rising oil prices – just to name a few.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 68

It was a rough week for stock markets. “The S&P 500 closed 1.5% lower on Friday, while the Nasdaq Composite dipped 1.6%.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 67

The bull charged from October 2023 through March 2024. Last week, it took a breather.

Financial Briefs – April

In April, our Financial Briefs Newsletter discusses strategies to help reduce the staggering cost of a college education. The strategies could help you save and make a plan for your children’s college education.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 66

If you’ve ever dieted, you may be familiar with the weight-loss plateau. Many people experience steady progress. The bathroom scale moves lower week by week – until it doesn’t – and that can be discouraging.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 65

No one expected the United States Federal Reserve to announce a rate change last week – and it didn’t. But Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s comments and the actions of other central banks led to new records being set in stock markets around the world, reported Randall Forsyth of Barron’s.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 64

Here’s the tea on stock markets and presidential elections.
Last week, a slew of headlines mentioned stock market bubbles and frothy valuations. The implication was that markets might be headed lower because they’ve risen so high.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 63

The week got off to a good start… In testimony before House and Senate committees, Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 62

The bull market is alive and well.
“We know what investors are thinking,” reported Jacob Sonenshine of Barron’s.

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Weekly Market Commentary – Week 61

Enthusiasm for everything related to artificial intelligence (AI) drove a global stock market rally last week. Equity markets in the United States, Europe, and Japan hit all-time highs after a leading chipmaker reported better-than-expected earnings and an extraordinary surge in demand for its artificial intelligence-targeted processors, wrote Rita Nazareth of Bloomberg.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 60

The Federal Reserve (Fed) is the central bank of the United States. A longstanding bit of investment wisdom is: Don’t fight the Fed.

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Financial Briefs – February

In February, our Financial Briefs Newsletter talks about focusing on the basics when it comes to your long-term investments. It provides several steps to help you choose the appropriate investments and make progress toward your long-term financial goals.

Weekly Market Commentary – Week 59

For decades, China was among the fastest-growing economies in the world. Its real gross domestic product, which is the value of all goods and services it produces, grew by about nine percent a year, on average, from 1978 through 2022, according to The World Bank.

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