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Financial Briefs – September

This month our Financial Briefs Newsletter discusses life insurance, homeowners insurance, and personal liability insurance. Let us know if you need help assessing your insurance needs.

Financial Briefs – August

College is expensive. Helping your children cover the costs could affect your own future. Unlike your children, you no longer have 40-plus years ahead of you to plan. The good news is, you can still help your college-bound children in ways that significantly reduce their burden without impacting your retirement plans. Please let us know how we can help maximize both your retirement and college savings.

Financial Briefs – July

We all know how important it is to save for retirement, and 401(k) plans have become one of the most effective ways to save. If you have access to a plan, you should take full advantage of it.  If you have any questions regarding your 401(k) please reach out to us.