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Financial Brief – November

Did you know that paying off debt isn’t saving? The main objective for financial planning is increasing your net worth. Of course, paying off debt lowers your monthly bills which in return allows you to save more money, but it does not increase your overall net worth. Learn more about saving and paying off debt at the same time, and when debt can be used as an advantage.

Financial Brief – October

If you want financial independence, you must establish a savings routine. Let us walk you through the stages of life and help establish guidelines towards a comfortable retirement. Saving money doesn’t always come easy, but it can be accomplished. Let us be your guide.

Financial Brief -September

This month, we discuss insurance and financial planning. Learn which 10 insurance mistakes to avoid. Discover how much life insurance you may need, and more about life insurance for the stay-at-home spouse. Don’s miss September’s advisor updates.

Financial Brief – August

Learn how your objectives help focus investing, when to take time to reassess, watching your stocks, NASDAQ basics, and advisor updates.