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Financial Briefs – April

Retirement planning is a lifelong process. Whatever your age, the key is having a plan and consistently executing that plan. Not sure how to get started? Let us guide you.

Financial Briefs – March

Let us walk you through mistakes that many Americans make when it comes to Estate Planning.  Don’t leave behind a legacy of frustration. We can help you avoid many estate planning mistakes.

Financial Briefs – February

Do you have your finances in order? If not, then it’s time to take an assessment so your financial road map to retirement will be successful. 

Financial Briefs – January

Let Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc. show you the fundamentals you need to help pursue your long-term investment goals.

Financial Briefs – December

It’s not too late to start saving for retirement.  Let us show you strategies you should consider to help you reach your goals. One way to help fund your retirement is by properly managing your 401k and you should review your plan annually.

Financial Briefs – November

Did you know that paying off debt isn’t saving? The main objective for financial planning is increasing your net worth. Of course, paying off debt lowers your monthly bills which in return allows you to save more money, but it does not increase your overall net worth. Learn more about saving and paying off debt at the same time, and when debt can be used as an advantage.

Financial Briefs – October

If you want financial independence, you must establish a savings routine. Let us walk you through the stages of life and help establish guidelines towards a comfortable retirement. Saving money doesn’t always come easy, but it can be accomplished. Let us be your guide.